Interview with Designer Island Life Blog by Adam Williams

Over the Christmas holidays I sat down with Tanya Williams Rhule of the Design Island Life Blog to chat about my work.  She's an old friend from when she used to work at Above Studios. We both have an interest in Caribbean design and aesthetics and I love what she's doing with her blog.  

Check out the interview I had with her.  



Relics from the past by Adam Williams

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Went home for a few weeks in December and part of January.  I started digging out older sculptures which never left the studio.  With fresh eyes I think some of them are more interesting than I remembered them to be.  While I may not use them again I'll probably try copying them as new and improved visions.   

Recent arrangements of 3d sketches by Adam Williams

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This is a collection of what I call my '3d sketches'.  They are miniature sculptures which I arrange and rearrange frequently to come up with new ideas.  This kind of play of describes my sculptural process the best and it is where my finished pieces come out of.